To promote scientific literacy, rational thinking, creative thinking in the people at large, and to unleash Fortune of Inclusive Innovation in the sprawling colleges of Science, Engineering and Technology.




Hindi was language of unity that brought independence to India and that became official language by constitution. India struggled with low functional literacy, low Gross Enrolment Ratio, and meagre S&T infrastructure. Innovation is key to socio-economic development. Inclusive innovation would involve people’s participation. That involves creative ideas that would spring up in people’s language Hindi. Availability of peer-reviewed research findings in Hindi will auger innovation in entrepreneurs and business enterprises. Understanding of new concepts, that is easier in people’s language, pave way to integrate with others and create newer innovative ideas.

Hence, विज्ञान प्रकाश - VIGYAN PRAKASH - a peer-reviewed quality research journal of science & technology - is brought out. It is intended to be quarterly research journal in Hindi with title, abstract and keywords in both Hindi and English, and references as they are referred to. Overview Articles and research papers must be original without plagiarism. Authors need to mention three or more subject experts also to possibly review the submitted article.


S&T Research to reach young researchers and entrepreneurs, and to raise innovations.

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